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Microsoft Word - 6x9 size Pre-formatted Document

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Obsidian is a high-power note taking tool. It can be a bit difficult to learn the complexities of it, but it also provides a customizable cluster graph to show how your story elements connect.

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Campfire is an excellent plotting tool for authors to plan out their stories. With both a desktop version and a mobile app, it makes it incredibly versatile to work on building your story on the go!

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Critique Circle

A free platform for authors to upload snippets of work and receive feedback. This is a tit-for-tat site, meaning you need to give feedback in order to earn the ability to share your own work in return.

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GIMP is a free, downloadable image manipulation tool (similar to Photoshop), that can be incredibly useful for Book Cover design, Chapter headers, and Logo designs -- with some practice, of course.

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Photopea is a free online, image manipulation tool (similar to Canva), that can be used for Book Cover design, Chapter headers, and Logo designs. See various YouTube videos on how to use the program.

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Google Sites

Google Sites is an incredible free tool for authors looking to set up a basic website. Domains can be as cheap as $1/month depending where you go. Google Sites will link with any domain hosting service and is far more user friendly that Wordpress or Wix.

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Inkarnate is a great tool for making maps for your book. There is a free version that works just fine, but you can also invest in a PRO version that offers far more images and design features.

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Ecwid is an online store that can integrate into your website. You can link it with PayPal, Square, Stripe, or dozens of other options! Plus, it's free (with limitations) for up to 10 products.

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Buffer is an excellent Social Media scheduling tool. It is free for up to 3 channels and 10 posts per channel. For those that are busy, it really helps to schedule in advance across platform to keep your SM pages active.

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Curator allows you to link to your Social Media platforms and create a feed of recent posts and generates a code that you can embed onto your website. Free for limited design options and a number of accounts.

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