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   Our mission is to provide Indie Authors with the tools they need to succeed in the publishing market. Indie Authors tend to face a much harder struggle in the publishing world because of an outdated stigma suggesting that Indie Author books are, by and large, less polished, reliable, or well-written compared to traditionally published work. We seek to eradicate that stigma and provide Indie Authors with the tools they need to succeed and put their best foot forward.

   Our network aims to connect authors with prominent Alpha/Beta Readers, Critique Partners, Editors, Cover Designers, Formatters, and Audiobook Narrators, while providing workshops, advice columns, and publishing tips to help you from the starting phases of writing to the final wrap up and pushing your book to the market.

     We've partnered up with Melody at to help indie authors reach a wider network of readers! Currently, this is a trial period to see how the process will work and is completely reliant on authors sending a few free copies to the organizer for distribution.

     If all goes well, we will discuss a partnership where indie authors can offer to sell their books at a discount to keep the process running and allow them to reach a wider network of eager readers.

     Currently, they only ship books within the US, but non-US authors can use the IngramSpark, KDP, or whichever distributor you use, shipping tool to ship directly to Melody to reach more readers within the US.

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Service Provider Contracts are not supplied by IAX in any form or fashion. The service providers listed on this site, have been vetted by IAX to be reliable, professional, and of a level of quality, but any contracts for hire are expected to be handled between / provided by the Provider and/or the Customer [i.e. the author]. IAX bears no responsibility over mediating or overseeing the transactions between Provider and Customer. We do not collect commission, royalty, or revenue in any way from any transaction. The prices and services remain wholly controlled by the service provider.

However, if you do encounter any issues (either with a service provider or a customer) please use the "Rate Your Experience" form or contact Atlas at

Browse our catalog of verified, reliable, and trustworthy professionals that will help get your book polished or marketed as successfully as possible. This list is ever-growing and new categories will be added, so be sure to check back regularly!

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We carry a variety of styles of Merchandise including:

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With the IAX logo or the IAX motto "Dream Indie-pendently" in a variety of sizes and colors. Proceeds from all sales go into an "Author Fund" that aims to help authors who are struggling financially get the services they need to either complete their book and get it publication ready or get them into conventions/expos to expose their book to more readers!

We also offer the option to Donate if you want to support, but don't want to buy any merchandise.

Looking for places to sell your book in person?

Check out our repo of conventions, expos, festivals, and fairs that allow authors to be vendors and sell their books and merchandise to attendees, usually in a designated section known as "Artist Alley" for the larger conventions and expos. Know of one that's not on the list? feel free to submit an application to have it added! 

This list is ever-growing and new events and locations will be added, so be sure to check back regularly!

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Looking for places to market yourself / your book digitally?

Check out our repo of podcasts and digital events that allow authors to share excerpts and details about their books to a wider breadth of potential readers. Know of one that's not on the list? feel free to submit an application to have it added!

This list is ever-growing and new events and podcasts will be added, so be sure to check back regularly!

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My Indie Bookshelf acts as Goodreads for Indie and Self-Published Authors. Their database is fueled directly by authors who pour their hearts and souls into their creations. Every book is on an equal footing, with all books being displayed randomly, ensuring every gem gets a fair chance to shine, and our user-friendly filters make their books easy to find. 

The Indie Resource is a one-stop shop where indie authors can find everything they need! Where they can collaborate with each other, ask for advice and find the information they need. 

Founder - Atlas Creed

    Atlas Creed is a fellow Indie Author who seeks to abolish the stigma that seems to sour the market surrounding Indie Authors -- that they are not as good or reliable as their traditionally published counterparts. 

    "This is a fallacy. With adequate research and knowledge of the tools at their disposal, Indie Authors can compete and even succeed above the level of traditional authors. We have seen it countless times with authors like:  Sarah J Mass, Colleen Hoover, Andy Weir, Amanda Hocking, Beatrix Potter, H.P. Lovecraft, and even Stephen King. Do not accept the rationale that Indie or self-published authors are any less talented or worthy of support than traditionally published authors." - Atlas Creed


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