Marketing Tools

Here you will find various tools that authors can use to help market themselves, whether it is through interviews, podcasts, narration sample events, social media influencers, etc. We aim to bring a catalog of useful digital marketing tools for authors to have at their disposal.

     We've partnered up with Melody at to help indie authors reach a wider network of readers! Currently, this is a trial period to see how the process will work and is completely reliant on authors sending a few free copies to the organizer for distribution.

     If all goes well, we will discuss a partnership where indie authors can offer to sell their books at a discount to keep the process running and allow them to reach a wider network of eager readers.

     Currently, they only ship books within the US, but non-US authors can use the IngramSpark, KDP, or whichever distributor you use, shipping tool to ship directly to Melody to reach more readers within the US.

Interested? Find the submission form below:

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