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With a background in both education, and marketing I've been working as a copywriter/editor, a ghostwriter, and PR/Marketing professional since 2020. My background includes a Bachelor's degree in Communication with a specialization in emerging media. I've completed multiple projects and worked on various stages in the author space. Not only is my work in the author space I also work as a social media manager, marketing/business consultant, and have experience in ad space. My husband and I run Shook&Co, a web design company that helps with web development and I also do copy and graphic design for it. I love to read and though I tend to keep my marketing business separate from my reading/writing, the two worlds often intersect (like here). I'm neurodivergent, a big fan of parenthesis, and will always root for the oxford comma. As an enneagram 9, I'm always happy to help people, sometimes to my own detriment. I don't believe in gatekeeping and am always willing to help others where I can. 

MARKETING SERVICES:  Social Media Marketing. General Advertising. Analytics Analysis. Offers fully customizable plans based on each authors individual needs.


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