Local Events - Canada

This page intends to display events that allow exhibitors (primarily for authors) to purchase a booth and sell their original products. Some may even allow artists to purchase a booth to advertise themselves. While this list is beneficial, we still encourage you to do your research to the best of your ability to make a decision that is right for you! Conventions, Expos, Festivals, Fairs, etc. are a financial investment, but a wonderful opportunity to meet and market yourself to thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of new people. Ensure that you are well-researched and understand what you want and believe you can accomplish from exhibiting at an event.

This is a living list and will be updated and expanded upon to the best of our ability. Dates are vague as they change each year, but typically fall around a similar timeframe. If you know of local events around you that are not listed but should be, please use the form below to submit an event.


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